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Frequently Asked Questions!

What makes Fancy’s Equine different from other fly spray brands?

Fancy’s Equine is an all-natural fly spray concentrate, which really sets it apart in a couple specific areas. First, unlike other fly spray brands that use harsh pesticides, our all-natural fly spray uses a proprietary blend of essential oils combined with the moisturizing benefits of Almond oil. Secondly, our fly spray is uniquely formulated as a concentrate, eliminating the need for bulky bottles, offering superior protection in a compact and cost-effective package.

How do I use the concentrated fly spray?

Simply shake the bottle of concentrate, pour the concentrate into your spray bottle, then fill the spray bottle with water and it’s ready to use! The compact nature of our product ensures easy storage and reduces waste.

Why does it look like there are layers in my bottle?

The blend of oils and other all-natural ingredients might separate after being mixed in your bottle. It’s essential that you shake your fly spray bottle before spraying for every application. This will ensure proper mixing and application.

Why is there Almond oil in the fly spray?

Almond oil is known for its moisturizing properties. We’ve added it to our formula to ensure that while protecting your horse from flies, their skin and hair remains nourished and radiant.

How can I store the concentrate?

Store the concentrate in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. The compact design ensures it takes up minimal space, making storage a breeze.

Is Fancy’s Equine committed to sustainability?

Yes! Our decision to create a concentrated formula stems from our commitment to reduce plastic waste. Smaller bottles mean less environmental impact.

Where can I purchase Fancy’s Equine fly spray?

You can purchase our fly spray directly from our website. We’re currently working to build out our distribution network, so keep an eye out as we add retailers.

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